Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spray paint wonders

Hey Everyone...So ya know how I have told you all I like to Goodwill shop.  Well, to be quite honest I have a down right obsession with it.  We live in a decent sized town that has several Goodwills.  Mind you I am no stranger to any of them.  I love to sift through the treasures of those discarded as junk (myself included many times over).  
One of my latest adventures had not warranted anything too big...until I was leaving.  What do I see but to my left a gleaming piece that seemed to be crying...take me home take me home.  So on an impulse I did just that.  I new that this beauty would find a place in my home.
  Excuse the mess....I said I worked fulltime...and not at cleaning my house!  I contemplated what color I was to go with.  Just recently a run to the local Lowes produced an oops! can of paint I thought I had to have.
  So I had to ponder the marriage of colors.  Black it is!  With a good coat of Flat black spray paint...she looks sleek.

Some of my best finds are at Goodwill!  Could not be happier with the way she turned out!  Now I only wish I could hide my imperfections with a can of black flat spray paint!!  What an idea!

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