Friday, August 19, 2011

Nebraska Sandhills...Truly God's Country

Just recently the kids and I took a trip back home to visit with our family!  Whenever I go home it gives me such a calm feeling.  There is nothing like the sandhill breeze passing in your face and through your hair, the sounds of the creatures and the view for miles of tall grasses and wildflowers!  Cattle views and sounds lingering in the background reminding you of the hard work that the American cowboys...and girls still do daily ensuring that generations will have the quality nutrition they need!  The sandhills of Nebraska are truly my favorite place on earth!!!
This shows just how relaxing it is!  Pink...takes a little rest from hunting!
My kids are forever grateful on the days that most would complain of the wind.....they know that Aunt Hannah's job is a little less stressful if the wind is pumping water for the cattle!  This view is from the barn where we got to meet one of the newest additions......Marvin!
  Like I said....truly God's Country!!! 

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